tiistai 27. huhtikuuta 2010


This is my brand new crafts blog. I am a doll collector and a sort of doll seamstress from Finland. I'm into Asian ball-jointed dolls but I also like other kinds of dolls - my favourite 1/6 fashion dolls are Momoko. I like variety, but I have two rules: all my dolls are girls and they all have black hair. ;) I never had a dark-haired doll as a child and this is what came of that.

The most interesting aspect of the hobby for me is creating clothing for the dolls. I have sewn doll clothes since I was a child, but I am a perfectionalist who wants to get better at it. I was thrilled to enter the BJD world (back in 2006) because these beautiful dolls are intended to be customized and the collectors generally appreciate and are interested in custom-made, detailed clothing. And of course, it is easier to sew detailed outfits for sd or msd sized dolls than Barbie.

At the moment I have seven ABJ-dolls:
Una - Elfdoll Soah
Maisa - Elfdoll Bong Sun Hwa
Opal María - CP/Luts Soony-S mod.
Frieda - Narindoll Narae
Kielo - Fairyland MNF Shushu
Myrna - Peakswood's Mori Moth
Seola Livia - Dollstown Seola

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